Ann Wright Brings “Dissent…” to NC

Colonel Ann Wright (US Army Ret.) toured NC with her new book, “Dissent:  Voices of Conscience” co-authored with Susan Dixon.  Ann logged 750 miles criss-crossing NC from Asheville to Wilmington, visiting 9 cities in 6 days from May 18-23.

A proud member of Veterans for Peace, Ann is one of just three US diplomats to resign her post in March, 2003, in protest of the US led invasion of Iraq. 

“Dissent…” profiles dozens of government employees and military personnel who risked careers, reputations, health and even their freedom to challenge the government deceptions which led to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Highlights of Ann’s NC tour include her keynote address at the NC Peace Action Awards Dinner in Raleigh; an interview with The Sun Magazine editor Tim McKee; meeting with Veterans for Peace representatives from Asheville, Charlotte and the Triangle; touching base with a military resistor in Greensboro, and torture taxi plane spotting at Aero Contractors in Smithfield.

As columnist Leonard Pitts wrote last year, “When tomorrow calls today to account, some of us want to be able to say ‘We stood up!  We called out!  We were not silent.’ “Colonel Ann Wright is standing up.  We need to stand with her.

Ann Wright link to an Indy article http://www.indyweek.com/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A258073

John Heuer