Alternative Memorial Day Programs

Alternative Memorial Day Observance

Monday evening, 7-8:30 pm May 25th, at the Regulator Bookshop 720 9th Street in Durham


Memorial Day 2014 Reflections

Reflections in Poetry, Prose, and Song

Monday, May 26, 2014

Once again, the local chapter of Veterans for Peace will offer an Alternative Memorial Day program, providing an alternative to the hoopla, the Mall sales, and the glamorization of war that so often characterizes Memorial Day. Through poetry, prose, and song, we will recapture the true meaning of the day.

• Excerpts from Pres. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address (1961); read by John Heuer (Chapel Hill)

• “Suicide in the Trenches” by Siegfried Sassoon; and “July 5th: There Was a War Last Night” by Jeremy Berggren; recited by Jeremy Berggren (Durham)

• “Re-remembering Vietnam” by Howard Machtinger (Durham)

• “Warriors” by Julia Starzyk; read by Mia Austin-Scoggins (Raleigh)

• “Green Fields of France” by Eric Bogle; performed by Vicki Ryder and Mark Cool (Durham)

• “The Wall” and “Tommy” by Barry Reece (Pittsboro)

• Sam’s Third Ride for Peace; report by Sam Winstead (Leasburg)

• “Visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial” by Joseph Gustafson and “The Edge of the Earth” by Chas Jaquier; read by Doug Ryder (Durham)

• “Peace in the World” by Vicki Ryder and the Kelowna (BC) Raging Grannies; sung by the Triangle Raging Grannies


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