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VFP 2015 Annual Convention Summary


Moral March on Raleigh & HKonJ People's Assembly 2/14/15

Veterans and other proponents of peace in North Carolina explain why they are joining the Moral March on Raleigh on February 14th, 2015

Selected Photos by Phil Fonville

Selected Photos by Julie Mark Dobson


Nov 8th Swords to Plowshares Bell Tower on the Capitol Grounds

Nov 8th Saturday morning the Eisenhower Chapter will rally at 8:30am in Raleigh (will meet at our staging location on Salisbury St just south of Hargett S) to participate in the Veterans Day Parade, sponsored by the WakeCounty Association of Veterans Organizations. The Saturday Parade will start at 9:30am and finish at 10:30am, marching directly past the Swords to Plowshares Bell Tower.  At 11:00pm, there will be a program featuring Gov. McCrory and Congressman David Price that will feature a ringing of our bell.


Nov. 11, 2013, Americans for Peace and Veterans for Peace bonded to celebrate Armistice Day. Starts at 10:30, Long Memorial Methodist to Roxboro Baptist in Roxboro, NC. Americans for Peace


2014 NC State Fair Peace Booth runs Info

Nov 11th Veterans Day/Armistice Day/Christmas Truce Centennial Planning


2014 Bull City Stand Down 9/19 Info


September 21st International Day of Peace Events

Aug 23rd Swords to Plowshares Memorial Belltower at the NCSU Bell Tower


Aug 23 Student Peacemaker Award Dinner, 6:00pm UU Fellowship Raleigh, 3313 Wade Ave.  Featured speaker:  Author/Activist David Swanson http://ncpeaceaction.org/


Aug 21st Soul Repair in the TriangleThursday 6:30-9:30 PMCovenant Christian Church 2911 SW Cary Parkway, Cary, NC 27513 Info


Aug 17 “Pictures from a Hiroshima Schoolyard” film showing, 2:00pm Rialto Theater in Raleigh, 1620 Glenwood Ave. http://www.ncchurches.org/event-single/showing-pictures-hiroshima-schoolyard/


7/23-7/27 2014 VFP National Convention Peace or Perish Abolish War on Planet and Poor

Touring Swords to Plowshares Memorial Bell Tower, scheduled for Friday, May 23rd 5pm at the NCSU Bell Tower


Alternative Memorial Day program 7 p.m. Monday, May 26th, at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church



4/27-5/3 Pedaling for Peace- Sam Winstead leads the biking trip from NC to DC, third time.


North Carolina Soul Repair Journey: Recovery from Moral Injury after War. March 6th & 7th at North Raleigh Hilton, 3415 S. Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh. Flyer


Nick Turse, the award winning  author of Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam spoke Sunday, March 2, 4:00pm at Flyleaf Books, 752 MLK Jr. Blvd, Chapel Hill and on Monday, March 3, 1:15, Carol Woods Retirement Center, 750 Weaver Dairy Rd, Chapel Hill. And BECAUSE OF SNOW, UNC-CH moved to Tuesday, March 4, at 7 pm in the Nelson Mandela Auditorium in the FedEx Global Education Center, corner of Pittsboro and McCauley Streets on the UNC Chapel Hill campus at 7:00pm in Room 1009.  Flyer


VFP stalwart Ray McGovern presented at the Community Church of Chapel Hill, 106 Purefoy St, on 1/15/14 , speaking on "It's a Crime to Tell the Truth."  Ray has recently returned from a visit with Edward Snowden in Russia.

On Thursday, Ray headlined a press conference and vigil at Sen. Burr's office in Winston -Salem, 2000 West 1st St. calling for the release of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report on CIA torture.  Friday, Ray addressed Elders for Peace, Carol Woods Retirement Village, 750 Weaver Dairy Rd. in Chapel Hill

  The National VFP office has endorsed this event. Flyer


Photo of Veterans Day Parade

Peace Booth Pictures

Our chapter annually staffs the Peace Booth on Veterans appreciation day at the fair. Babs Freeman did a great job coordinating.


Israeli Soldiers' Testimonies from the Occupied Territories

Dana Golan, veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces and past executive director of Breaking the Silence, will be in North Carolina to present testimonies that question Israeli Military operations aimed at controlling the Palestinians in the occupied territories.


Project RENEW, working on Unexploded Ordnance in Viet Nam

Chuck Searcy, a Vietnam vet and current vice president of the Hoa Binh, Vietnam Chapter 160, VFP, spoke on Tuesday with 2 Vietnamese colleagues at 7:00pm at the CHICLE Institute, 101 E. Weaver Street, Carrboro on Tuesday, September 24. 


Sam Winstead participated in the Tuesday, Aug 6 Hiroshima Day Commemoration at 7:30pm at Peace and Justice Plaza in Chapel Hill. John Heuer participated in the Hiroshima Commemoration in Madison, WI on Aug 6, the day before the start of our 2013 VFP Convention, but I hope folks will turn out in Chapel Hill to hear Sam speak.  Sam was in Hiroshima in May, and spoke to 2,700 attendees of the Rotary International Peace Forum.  There were representatives from 56 nations and the UN to hear Sam share his message of peace.


Matthew Hoh will be joining us at the Grande for the 7:10 screening of "Dirty Wars," this Friday, June 28, for a post-screening audience Q&A.


We are pleased to collaborate with Durham Peace Action, Witness for Peace, WILPF, AFSC to sponsor

Peaceful Means Films


USAF Colonel Morris Davis, former chief prosecutor for the military commissions at Guantanamo, appearanced in the Triangle on Thursday, Jan 31; Noon at UNC Law School; 4:00pm at 210 East Duke Bldg, and 7:30pm at the Johnston County Community College Graphic Arts Lecture Hall. Col. Davis now teaches at the Howard University School of Law. According to Davis: “The United States cannot stand up for justice and the rule of law when it sits idly on its own record of torture.”


On Wednesday, Oct 24, there was a screening of "Sam's Ride for Peace" the short documentary produced by Joan Widdifield and Mark Barroso. Sam was introduced during the event, and the film will be followed by a feature film, "To Hell and Back Again."


Tuesday, Nov 6, 12:30pm, NBC 17 Election Day news coverage featured live interview with John Heuer Voices excluded from the Dem. Convention including John Heuer on Drones on youtube.

Sunday, Nov 11, at Flyleaf Books, 752 Martin Luther King Dr., in Chapel Hill. In honor of Veterans Day, one of our featured readers is Robert Hill Long, a North Carolina native (now living in Oregon), author of the poetry collection, Walking Wounded. The reading starts at 7 pm on Nov. 8. An open poetry mic follows the featured readers.


Sam Winstead's Ride for Peace: You Tube 5 min. video.

Sam Winstead was interviewed on UNC-TV on their North Carolina Now. See part 5 of 5.

Video Links—Sam’s Ride for Peace
For more info on Pedaling for Peace

Memorial Day:
Veterans for Peace Offer Alternative Commemoration in Poetry, Prose and Song at Regulator Bookshop, Durham
more info and video

























































Our History

The newest member of the Eisenhower Chapter of Veterans For Peace, Sam Winstead, a WWII marine vet, led a 7 day, 360 mile bicycle Ride for Peace from Raleigh, NC to Washington DC Apr. 29 through May 5, 2012


The Military Industrial Complex at Fifty Understanding and Challenge

Jan 14 - 16, 2011 Guilford College, Greensboro

Wally Myers, Chapter President, and Mia Austin-Scoggins, Chapter Vice President for Communications, participated. Wally's topic will address - Is the Empire Falling? Mia will address the effects of war on veterans. More info.


Feb 6 & 13 UU Fellowship of Raleigh

The Gods of War: Religious, Cultural, and Social Ideals that are used to Justify War by Wally Myers

Selling Democracy: Economic, Democratic, and Military Structures that Support War by Wally Myers


The Military Industrial Complex at Fifty Understanding and Challenge

Jan 14 - 16, 2011 Guilford College, Greensboro

Wally Myers, Chapter President, and Mia Austin-Scoggins, Chapter Vice President for Communications, participated. Wally's topic will address - Is the Empire Falling? Mia will address the effects of war on veterans. More info.

Documents from Wally's Presentation

Is the Empire Falling?

US Contradictions

The Political Strategies of the US Empire

Document of Mia's Presentation

“Extra Casualties”
The MIC’s Long-term Effects on Veterans, Families, and Society


Weaving a Net of Accountabiltiy (Apr 10) Joint effort by the three NC chapters of VFP on behalf of NC Stop Torture Now.

Vigil-Rally for Peace (Mar 10) with The Quaker House in Feyetteville.

Homeless Veterans Stand Down (Mar 10)

Rethink Afghanistan (Nov 09-Mar 10) Wally Myers discussed the film at a showing by Elder for Peace and at an Afghan Restaurant in Cary.

Veterans Day (Nov 09) Wally Myers was of the panel at NCSU that discussed the movie Sir!, No Sir!

Letter from the Brig (Nov 09) by Cliff Cornell - Prisoner of Conscience

The Peace Mom and the Patriot Tour (Oct 09) Introduction and Report, General Butler and Julia Ward Howe text. Martin Luther King text

VFP Convention (Aug 09) John Heuer's Report, Wally Myers' Reflections

Hiroshima Nagasaki Memorial (Aug 09)

Circle of Peace with Fr. Louie Vitale (Jun 09)

Mothers Against Torture (May 09) Wally Myers' Letter to the Editor

Chuck Fager's Book Talk (Apr 09)

Col. Ann Wright's Third Tour (Apr 09)

NC Peace Action Awards Cy King Speech, Wally Myers Speech (Apr 09)

Procession for the Future (Mar 09)

We are exclude from Vets Day Parade (Nov 08)

We are official, Chapter 157 (Oct 08)

Col. Ann Wright's Second Tour (Oct 08)

Inter-Service Family Assistance Committee (Oct 08)

Meeting with Rep. Miller - Iran (Sep 08)

VFP National Convention (Aug 08)

Vigil for War Resisters in Canada (July 08)

NC House Bill to stop torture and rendition (July 08)

Kay Hagan hosts Veterans Town Hall (July 08)

Bob Bowman's Patriot Tour (June 08)

Memorial Day(May 08)

Col. Ann Wright's Tour (May 08)

Salute Our Troops, Not the War (Apr 08)

Memorial Service for 4000 Fallen (Mar 08)