Kay Hagan hosts Veterans Town Hall in Cary (July 01, 2008)


I (Wally Myers) was able to attend the Veterans meeting. Mrs. Hagan has a lot of family members who are or have been in the military including her father-in-law who was a major general in the marines. Still she wants us out of Iraq and thinks the war was a mistake from the beginning. Her main concern was to listen to what vets have to say and what our needs are.

I introduced her to the depleted uranium problem, equating it with the Iraq war version of Agent Orange from the Vietnam War. Two other vets in the audience made it clear to her that this was a serious problem that our country will need to face up to it, rather than denying it like Agent Orange.

I was also able to use the information that Dr. Glasser provided while he was visiting Raleigh about the disparity in care between the Department of Defense and the Veterans Hospitals, i.e. that the VA is under funded. I also mentioned that multiple deployments would worsen the problem of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. 

Toward the end of the meeting an Iraq war vet admitted that he was suffering from PTSS and that he had given up on the VA.  Its bureaucracy was too frustrating. He felt abandoned and not to enthusiastic about returning to Iraq.  Kay Hagan looked very concerned and took his name with a promise to help out.