John Heuer and Wally Myers have been working with NC Peace Action and Orange County Peace Coalition to pull together the following:

Medical and Social Impacts of Nuclear Weapons on Japan and US:
What Are the Prospects for Change?

7-9 PM, August 6, Hiroshima Day, Highland United Methodist Church
1901 Ridge Road, Raleigh

2-4 PM, August 9, Nagasaki Day, Chapel Hill Public Library
100 Library Drive (off Estes Drive), Chapel Hill

Excerpts from the videos Hiroshima Witness and A Mother's Prayer, prepared by the Hiroshima Peace Cultural Center, features the testimonies made in 1986 of two survivors: Akihiro Takahashi (born in 1931) and Toshiko Saeki (born in 1919).

Remarks by Steve Wing, University of North Carolina epidemiologist, focusing on medical and social consequences of nuclear weapons.

Hiroshima: When Time Stopped a poem by Wally Myers