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Sam's Ride for Peace 2014

Sam Winstead, 88 year old World War II combat veteran, rides to Washington for PEACE.

Start Sunday April 27, 2014 - Finish Saturday May 3, 2014

This is a Long Distance Bicycle Event of about 350 miles covered over seven days from the North Carolina Capital Building in Raleigh NC to Lafayette Park in Washington DC. The relaxed pace will average about 50 miles per day which will allow many hours for exploring sites and historic areas along the way as well as allowing relaxing time at the end of the day. This a trip for almost any budget with accommodations ranging from campgrounds, guest houses, community centers or local hotels.

Along the way you will see and experience North Carolina and Virginia's finest rural countryside and go to where history was made and the nation took shape when our nation was young.

We hope that by your participation or donation that the more awareness of a better way forward can be forged for a more peaceful, sensible sane and positive world view can be acknowledged now and going forward.

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On 5/6/14 John Heuer writes: “Sam Winstead completed his 3rd Ride for Peace from Raleigh to DC when he led his team of bicyclers to Lafayette Park last Saturday 5/3/14.  On Sunday we joined a CodePink Women for Peace protest of drone warfare at the White House, and yesterday we visited NC Congressional offices and the US Institute of Peace.  Sam stayed in DC to make more visits to Congressional offices today and tomorrow. More reports and details of Sam's 3rd Ride for Peace are forthcoming. ”

On 5/19/14 Sam Winstesad writes" Our 2014 Ride for Peace was great from the start. John Heuer, our chief navigator, led the way, planning our stops and marking tricky turns, making sure we didn’t get lost. Leedom Lefferts followed in his pick-up with signs warning about bicyclists ahead. Carrol Lorenz rode two days, and George Ripley rode the way to DC. I had three generations of family to join us on the first day: my daughter Linda, grandson Aaron, and great-grandson Aiden. Aiden, a Junior in high school, rode with us all except two days, and it was a great experience for him.

Four families graciously hosted us for the night: Mary Grace in Culpeper, Janet Kelley, Grayhaven Winery in Gum Springs, Glenora Farms in the Plains, and K.D. Kidder from Leesburg, VA. K.D. is no stranger to sacrificing for Peace. She helped plan a walk for Peace in the early 80s and walked from California to New York and down to Washington.

We had two days of deplorable rain and wind, and for the first time in three years we yielded to Mother Nature; however, we were able to spend valuable time with news media, libraries, and Chambers of Commerce. Visiting with Lincoln Elementary School was a special treat. They invited us for lunch on Friday. I asked in advance that the students write poems about Peace. They read to the audience their poems, which showed great imagination. They asked me to autograph their poems. Brandy’s was neat and caught my eye, so I asked her to make a copy for me. The following is an excerpt:

“People that walk the earth have a heart inside, put aside differences, and join hands. When prayers and dreams are answered, only then will we realize that World Peace and harmony make us one.” (Brandy Smith)

After pedaling into Washington on Saturday, May 3, George Ripley and I visited in the offices of ten NC legislators on the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We also visited the Methodist Building, the Friends’ Committee on National Legislation, and the US Institute if Peace. For the most part, our meetings were very positive. Washington has received the message that America wants Peace. David Price said his mail was almost 100 to 1 in favor or preventing war. A representative from Florida overheard our conversation about Peace. He stepped out of the elevator to thank us and said, “because of you, we are not at war with Syria.”

Connecticut has brought together environmentalists, peace groups, churches, labor representatives, and legislators to redesign a war economy to an economy that enhances humanity. Other states are discussing this plan to convert to a peace time economy.

In 1945, we were camped in the northern tip of Okinawa waiting for the ship that would bring me home to a land of freedom and harmony. Our guns had silences all the world’s evil forces, and I knew wars would be history. In 2014, I must concede that I had it all wrong; my 5thgrade friend, Brandy Smith has the only answer.”

Samuel H. Winstead

Leasburg, NC