Ride for Peace

Start Sunday April 27 2014-Finish Saturday May 3, 2014

Proposed Agenda.:

This is a Long Distance Bicycle Event of about 350 miles covered over seven days from the North Carolina Capital Building in Raleigh NC to Lafayette Park in Washington DC. The relaxed pace will average about 50 miles per day which will allow many hours for exploring sites and historic areas along the way as well as allowing relaxing time at the end of the day. This a trip for almost any budget with accommodations ranging from campgrounds, guest houses, community centers or local hotels.

Along the way you will see and experience North Carolina and Virginia's finest rural countryside and go to where history was made and the nation took shape when our nation was young.

Besides Raleigh itself we will visit the Neuse River Greenway Trail, historic Wake Forest NC, Henderson NC, Kerr Lake Recreation Area, a close-up of the Kerr Lake Dam, South Hill Virginia, historic Blackstone Virginia, glide past Revolutionary and Civil War Memorials, cross the James River in Plantation Country, Culpeper Virginia, the foothill community of Middleburg Virginia. The ride will pass through the W&OD Trail rail-trail head at Purcerville Virginia and over night in Historic Leesburg VA. The last day of the event will feature a choice of using the Western and Old Dominion Rail Trail or a short River Ferry Ride to connect and travel along the C&O Canal Towpath that over an extremely scenic and nearly traffic free entrance into the DC Metro area before heading to Lafayette Park for a welcome by representatives of Veterans for Peace and Peace Action (formerly SANE-Freeze). This event has been scheduled so riders can allow travel and logistical arrangements to be on the Saturday before the start and Sunday after the finish. Come early and stay late while enjoying our host cities fine food and culture. Both Raleigh and Washington offer easy access by automobile, airport, bus or Amtrak bicycle service with easy access to the downtown region to help with your start and finish travel strategies.

We hope that by you participation or donation that the more awareness of a better way forward can be forged for a more peaceful, sensible sane and positive world view can be acknowledged now and going forward.


March 15th Registration Opens

Sunday April 27th: 6:30 - 7:30 AM : Event Day Late Registration Pickup NC Capital Area.
7:30 - 7:45 AM - Preride Meeting- Last minute announcements and changes.
8:00- Official Start from NC Capital - Bicycles HO!
Ice Cream Break in Wake Forest, NC
Arrive Overnight Henderson, NC for Hotel Accommodation or Nutbush Campground for Camping - Approximate Distance 60 Miles

Monday April 28th: 8:00 AM Official Start
Ice Cream Stop Just after crossing VA Border on Right.
Lunch in South Hill,VA
Arrive Overnight Blackstone, VA - Approximate Distance 68 Miles

TuesdayApril 29th: 8:00 AM Official Start
Arrive Overnight The Grayhaven Winery, Gum Spring, VA
Approximate Distance 55 Miles

Wednesday April 30th: 8:00 AM Official Start
Arrive Overnight Culpeper, VA
Approximate Distance 67 Miles

Thursday May 1st : 8:00 AM Official Start
Arrive Overnight Middleburg, VA
Approximate Distance 30 Miles

Friday May2 nd: 8:00 AM Official Start
Visit Historic Purcellville VA- Start of the W&OD Rail-Trail
Arrive Overnight Leesburg, VA
Approximate Distance 40 Miles

Saturday May 3rd: 8:00 AM Official Start
Choose between the W&OD Rail Trail or the ferry ride to the C&O Canal Trail for the last day's ride.
Arrive Overnight Washington, DC-
Gather at Lafayette Park with closing comments at 2:00 PM
Approximate Distance 44 fairly flat and traffic free Miles