Reflections of the VFP Convention

By: Wally Myers

John did such a thorough job describing our part in the national VFP Convention, I will reflect on some of my thoughts.

Special thanks to David Taylor, who stood up to become a life time member of VFP.  That’s a thousand bucks folks.  Seeing him on that stage of pledgers made me feel that we were well represented.  Thank you, Dave.
We met one of our speakers, called Najia.  She couldn’t use her real name for fear that her family would be killed in Afghanistan.  But she said this to the convention: We Afghanis “will turn these tears into resistance.”  Such bravery, to come here and proclaim, “That no country can grant another democracy.”  And “Afghanistan will never accept foreign rule.”  It sounds like Afghanistan is the land of the free, and the home of the brave.  No wonder it’s the graveyard of foreign empires; and now it’s our turn.

Najia is a spokeswoman for the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan, which was founded to overthrow the Soviet Empire.  The policy of the newest empire, our empire, has now promoted the warlords into Parliament and thrown her country into a three-way civil war with the Taliban, the warlords and the U.S. all raping Afghanistan.

Our relation to our government: 

It is now time to turn hope into action, to demand that the promises be fulfilled.  We must work to change policy.

So many of us in America feel that we are not in charge of our own lives.  But we should never think that being a citizen is just being a spectator.

Move forward with joyful persistence.


Keep the war visible.  Stay on this issue because it is hub that drags all other down.

When we mix helpful intentions toward others with our own arrogance, we can’t help but oppress those we seek to hhelp.

The only country that we ever left after a war was over was Vietnam.

Peace will happen between people before it happens between governments.

With the US being the largest exporter of arms, ask yourself, “How do we market arms?"