The Political Strategies of US Empire
From: The Fall of the US Empire – And Then What by Johan Galtung

Undo other empires or imperial efforts; walk into their shoes.

  1. The Spanish Empire 1898-1902, walking into their shoes.
  2. The Ottoman Empire after WW1, by UK-France 1916-25, later USA.
  3. The German Empire after WW1, by USA in the Pacific.
  4. The Hapsburg Empire after WW1, Germany, Russia, and then USA.
  5. The Nazi Empire after WW2, by the USA moving in, shaping Germany.
  6. The Japanese Empire after WW2, by the USA moving in, shaping Japan.
  7. The Italian Empire after WW2, they turned in time.
  8. The Western colonial empires 1945-1975, the USA supporting decolonization, and then political control.
  9. The Soviet Empire after the Cold War, the USA walking in.

Support independence-autonomy movements in big countries.

  1.   China - support Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong, Ulgurs, and Mongols.
  2.   Russia – support all twenty non-Russian nations.
  3.   Russia – US tri-partition plan: European, Siberia, Far East Russia.
  4.   India – support Kashmir?, support Tamil Nadu?
  5.   Indonesia – Aceh, Malakas, Irian Jaya.
  6.   Nigeria – support Biafra etc.

Support independence-revolutions in potential trouble spots.

  1.   Yugoslavia defeated in Krajina, B-i-H, Kosova, with bases, 1998-9.
  2.   Afghanistan defeated, the USA moving in, with bases, 2001.
  3.   Iraq defeated, the USA moving in, with bases, 2003, favoring Kurds.
  4.   Iran – support for Khuzestan? Azerbaijan?
  5.   Israel – support for Israel (almost) come what may.

Oppose any regionalization independent of the USA.

  1.   EC-EU: support against Soviet Union, NATO membership for control.
  2.   CIS: extend NATP into old Soviet Union, “color revolutions”.
  3.   Latin America and the Caribbean: oppose, control, and use TIAP and OEA   (Orginizacion de los Estados Americanos).
  4.   African Union: control via NAPAD and Africom.
  5.   Islamic Community: control via big-rich members, Saudi, Egypt, Gulf Cooperation Council.
  6.   East Asian Community: control via Japan and China.

Cripple the United Nations

  1.   Controlling the Security Council through veto.
  2.   Controlling UNGA against Uniting for Peace Resolutions.
  3.   Controlling by spying on delegations and arms-twisting.
  4.   Controlling the budget through 25% clause, non-payment, and the General Accounting Office (an arm of the US Congress).
  5.   Controlling the UN civil servants through short term contracts.
  6.   Showing who is in charge through material breach, illegality.
  7.   And, getting away with it all, because of all of the above.