Afghan Orphans

Afghan Child Education and Care Association


  1. AFCECO aims to provide quality education and care to Afghan children that have no access to proper education, shelter, nutrition and health care.
  2. AFCECO will strive to protect Afghan children from social discrimination, violence, and defends their rights.
  3. This organization will try to prevent epidemic diseases that endanger the health and life of Afghan children.
  4.  AFCECO will raise awareness and educate mothers about child health and care.
  5. AFCECO will be having these activities to accomplish the above goals.
  • Establishing orphanages at different places in Afghanistan that provide:

                           i.      Housing, food and clothes
                           ii.      Education
                           iii.      Health Care
                           iv.      Life skills like vocational classes for handicraft, tailoring and carpentry

  • Establishing child health care center that provide free vaccination, medical treatment and nutrition for malnourished children.
  • Promoting child education and health among the women through holding seminars, literacy classes and publication
  • Publishing materials that could raise public awareness about children’s right.