To Restrain Our Government from Intervening, Overtly or Covertly, in the Internal Affairs of Other Nations

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (people) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The Dream of America

With these ideals to steer by, America was born.  But we do find it challenging to live by these principles, for they do not limit this vision to Americans; but recognize these rights for all people, regardless of national boundaries.  When we see the right to life deprived, we cannot make war to remedy that condition, because making war will destroy life all the more.  When we see the right of liberty abrogated, we cannot conquer them to remedy that condition, because conquering people denies their liberty.  When we see people’s pursuit of happiness thwarted, we cannot coerce them to remedy that condition, because it is their freedom to choose and pursue their own happiness.  Justifying war on another nation to promote life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness cannot work because war promotes death, curtails liberty, and pursues suffering.  However much we wish that all people have these rights, war is not the means to pursue them.

The history of America has shown great strides toward that dream; but also times when we have lost that vision, when our nation has treated other nations and peoples as unequal, inferior to us.  When we identify with the ideals of the American Dream and yet act arrogantly toward others, we become their nightmare.  When we interfere with their choices because we think we know better, we are stealing their liberty.  When we subvert their economies because of our national interests, we are derailing their pursuit of their happiness.  In so far as we act counter to the American Dream, we become the Un-American Nightmare.

The Un-American Nightmare

We have worked toward the goal of becoming the most powerful nation on Earth, the only superpower.  In the process we have traded the morality of the American Dream for the power of the Un-American Nightmare.  That power is enforced by more than 900 military bases throughout the world.  That power is coerced by economic leverage.  That power is initiated by covert interference.  The goal for using that power is to increase that power, to increase the effectiveness of our covert operations, to increase the profits of economic leverage, and to increase the coercion of military presences. 

The insidious deception of the Un-American Nightmare is that it is disguised as the American Dream.  We make war now in order to have peace later (life).  We subvert other governments so they can have democracy later (liberty).  We destroy social programs now to have self sufficiency later (pursuit of happiness).  But the result is that our military strength brings coercion to others and arrogance to ourselves, our economic leverage brings poverty to others and greed to ourselves, and our covert operations brings suspicion to others and deception to ourselves. 

Covert = Deception

The fog of deception infects our culture and we cannot clearly see our way, we lack confidence and straight-forwardness.  This uncertainty undermines decision and commitment and this leaves us anxious to do something, but paralyzed to proceed.  We become sheep being herded by the wolves seeking dominant power and care-less greed.  And the deception is insidious because believing the deception we don’t even try to find the truth.  And when we do try, we gravitate toward the white-washed, feel-good, and self-congratulatory history from our perspective rather than the challenging, heart wrenching, and blaming history from other perspectives.  It’s hard and dirty work to face the truth, but we have to do it because people of other nations are suffering due to our ignorance.  You can take this journey of awakening by following the links on the right panel.

Conspiracies Confirmed

If we pretty much believe what we read and hear in the corporate news and the history lessons of high school, then we need to dig deeper; because that news and those lessons have not guided us away from violence and war, away from the misuse of power by covert intervention.  Indeed, those sources are meant to reinforce and justify the Un-American nightmare.  We must resolve to make the effort to search for the unbiased truth.  It is our responsibility as citizens of the world to listen to all of humanity.  It is our duty as veterans to counteract the deceit with truth.  But we have to know what that truth is.  Let us resolve to set ourselves free from the propaganda, to help disenchant those who refuse to question because of misguided patriotism, and to recognize our responsibility in creating the Un-American nightmare.


The pursuit of dominant power is inconsistent with the American Dream; therefore, deception is used to disguise dominant actions cloaked in the ideals of the American Dream.  Historically we have used four strategies of deception.

1. Propaganda Campaigns, Analysis of Propaganda – Iran, Iraq, Vietnam

2. Subverting Organizations – United Nations, International Criminal Court,
3. Front Organizations – Anti-Iranian, National Endowment for Democracy,

4. Proxy Wars – Iran, Outsourcing, Syria,


Arrogance underlies our history and makes us blind to the needs of others.  It’s as old as the arrogance of Manifest Destiny blinding us to Native Americans.  It’s as new as not even counting the Iraqi civilian death toll.  It’s the ignorance of not caring about others because they are not as good as we are.  This inequality justifies a lower ethical standard applied to foreigners and makes us their nightmare. 

1. Supporting Oppressive Governments – Our Dictators, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden,

2. Oppressing Liberation – Ukraine,

3. Regime Change – Iran, Venezuela, Middle East,


Greed is the motivation that cannot be spoken.  It is unworthy to justify oppression, yet it is the bottom line of coercion.  It is the national interest of theft and the fuel of the military-industrial complex.  The power of greed leverages our pursuit of happiness at the expense of the less powerful.  It is the business of war, profiteering from death and destruction.

1. Client States – Venezuela,
2. Debt Leveraged Nations - International Money Fund, Neoliberal Economics,
3. Military Base Host Nations – American Empire,

The Secret History of the United States

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