World Citizen
Adapted from the UN symbols by Wally Myers
Earth Pledge
Picture by Wally Myers, pledge by anonymous.
Uncle Gandhi
A head transplant by Wally Myers


Our Members' Creative and Expressive Works


Till We Bring Them Home Again
By: Mia Austin-Scoggins

There are voices newly rising,
We can hear them sound as one.
They’re our brothers, they’re our sisters,
They’re our children, dads, and moms. More


If you cleave to victory
It will elude you
Like water in cupped hands. D. Nurkse

By: Barry L. Reece

It’s official. The debate is
Over. Questions answered.
Doubts laid to rest.

No more excuses
No more secrets
No more lies
No more false hope.

Our war has become a
Major debacle. The impasse
Impenetrable. Stay, and we
Fail. Leave, and we fail.


By: Barry L. Reese

The rhythmic cadence of knitting
needles slows, then stops. Maude
thinks about Tommy. Is he safe? More