VA Healthcare

Obtaining healthcare benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs is possible but is not easy.  It will require patience on the part of the veteran and unfortunately, not all veterans are approved.

To begin the process:
Get a copy of VA Form 10-10EZ.  This can be retrieved from their website (www.va.gov), can be picked up at just about any VA Healthcare facility, from county Veteran Service Offices, and many other places.
The form has two steps but they are not simple.  Step one explains a bit about the process while step two describes some additional documentation needed (the old DD214).  The actual form is only three pages but the website (and this writer) highly recommends printing/obtaining multiple copies to start a rough draft before completing and sending in the final signed form.
For assistance filling out the form, the VA has a toll free number 1-877-222-8387 and local facilities also can help.

Here in the Triangle area, the primary local VA Healthcare facilities are located in Durham & Raleigh.  Durham has the large VA Medical Center on Fulton Avenue (near Duke University Medical Center) and the Durham Clinic on Hillandale Road.  Raleigh has a clinic on Sungate Blvd which is down Sunnybrook Road (next to Wake Med). 
The Durham VAMC has a website: www.durham.va.gov
Durham VAMC phone number is 919-286-0411
Durham Clinic phone number is 919-383-6107
Raleigh Clinic phone number is 919-212-0129
There is also a non-medical facility sponsored by the VA known as the Raleigh Vet Center which is on Old Louisburg Road near where Capital Blvd and Atlantic Avenue meet.  Their phone number is 919-856-4616.
The Winston-Salem Regional Office is the biggie for the state and probably where you will be physically examined regarding your initial claim.
Other good numbers for the VA are the general benefits hotline 1-800-827-1000 and the education benefits hotline 1-877-442-4551.

Under the North Carolina Department of Administration is a Division of Veterans Affairs.  All the counties across the state have service offices.  Their website is www.ncveterans.net, and their motto is “Helping those who served.”  There are local offices in Wake County (Raleigh, Garner), in Durham County, Orange County (time split between Hillsborough and Chapel Hill), in Johnston County (Smithfield), and in Chatham County (splitting time between Pittsboro & Siler City).

Some Local Office Phone Numbers are:
Raleigh Service Office, 919-856-6161
Garner Service Office, 919-662-3018
Durham Service Office, 919-560-6672
Hillsborough Service Office, 919-245-2890
Chapel Hill Service Office, 919-969-3032
Johnston County Service Office, 919-934-0607
Pittsboro Service Office, 919-542-8202
Siler City Service Office, 919-742-6994